Planning permission guidelines

Planning permission guidelines

Small secondary dwellings – Granny flats

The City of Fremantle has recently changed the planning regulations in their Local Planning Scheme No. 4, so that such developments do not have occupancy restrictions, the open space requirements are no longer applicable and…

…in some cases, small secondary dwellings can be built without the need to gain planning approval

This initiative is intended to promote a greater diversity of housing within Fremantle. Fremantle Council is not alone in relaxing the regulations and making it easier for people to erect small dwellings on their property.

For any proposal to be considered a small secondary dwelling by the Fremantle Council, the proposal must meet each of the following.

  • The lot is a single house lot (e.g. green title, no common property)
  • The floor area of the small secondary dwelling is no more than 55m2 on a lot 600m2 or less OR the floor area is no more than 70m2 (a maximum of 65m2 ground floor area) on a lot greater than 600m2
  • The maximum wall height (as measured from natural ground level) is no more than 3 metres
  • The maximum roof or gabled end height (as measured from natural ground level) is no more than 5.5 metres.

If some of the above points are not met, the proposal can be reconsidered, under the Residential Design Code’s provisions for ancillary accommodation

…”Fremantle Council is making it much easier to erect a granny flat, without all the usual planning permission requirements”, and…

Other councils around W.A

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